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Aquarium Setup & Maintenance in Bakersfield, Ca.

Enhance the atmosphere of your living or work space by adding a beautiful aquarium. Advanced Aquascape in Bakersfield will take care of youre enire aquarium installation process. From construction, building your custom aquarium, filtration setup, ordering your fish, and regular maintenance, we do it all. Advanced Aquascape has been in business since 2001 with over 18 years of servicing the aquatic needs of Bakersfield and the entire Kern County area.

Strong Build & Setup

From construction to filtration, Advanced Aquascape really handles it all! We’re fully licensed and insured on al projects and are able to build both glass and fiberglass aquariums in every shape.

Beautifully Designed

Be memorized by the soothing sounds of water and gaze into our beautiful underwater creations. Every aquarium is unique and has it’s own theme! Let’s find out what theme grabs your attention.

Complete Filtration

An aquarium is only as good as the filtration system that supports it. Every aquarium, whether salt or freshwater, is powered by a professional filtration system and is setup by our team of experienced aquarists.

Aquarium Relocations

Due to Covid-19, many offices are moving their aqauriums out of the office and into the living room. We can help and most moves take less than 24 hours with a complimentary checkup.

Maintenance & Care

We’re commonly known as the ‘fish heroes’ when it comes to the care of your fish. Whether its weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, let us find the perfect schedule that fits your aquariums needs.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Aquarium emergencies, although they are not the funnest to deal with, are a big priority.

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