When is it time to clean your fish tank?

There are telltale signs that give you a hint that your fish tank needs some cleaning. Your mechanical filter can tell you that it’s high time to clean up. Check the amount of water that comes out from the filter outflow. If you observe that the water flow has become slower in comparison to the last time that the filter was cleaned then it’s time for a cleaning or maintenance schedule.

Why do you need to clean your fish tank?

You should look at your fish tank’s filter as a garbage can that needs to be emptied when full to maintain the integrity of the water and avoid fish contamination.

Get rid of dissolved organic compounds in the water.

Carbon, hydrogen, sugars, and other amino acids are considered as organic compounds. These are by-products of food waste. Having plants in the fish tank can help eliminate these organic matters while the rest can be controlled or dissipated from the regular cleaning and water changes.

Keep low levels of nitrate concentration.

Ammonia in water is converted by nitric bacteria to nitrite and nitrate. These are regarded as toxins to fish. Bacteria colonies in the fish tank is important to convert these harmful toxins into nitrate which is less toxic and can be removed with a consistent water change.

Prevent osmotic stress and death.

With insufficient minerals in the fish tank water, fishes and other marine life may experience osmotic stress and can lead to death. This happens when you use RO water which has been treated or has gone through a reverse osmosis process that eradicates tap water toxins but also depletes essential minerals that marine life needs to survive.