Residential & Commercial Aquarium Services

Quality. Durability. Fresh.

Aquarium Builds

Building beautiful aquariums is what we do best. We are fully licensed and insured for all new construction projects and are able to produce aquaariums in every shape and form.

Aquarium Design

Your ecosystem is as strong as the filtration system that supports it. Since we will probably be maintaining your system, we only use the most reliable and durable products to keep your water flowing and fish thriving.

Filtration Setup

Our creative design capabilities, understanding of the processes that drive aquatic systems, and use of the best available technology and equipment allow us to turn our clients’ dream aquariums into reality. Collaborating closely with our clients, as well as their designers, architects, and general contractors, we endeavor to offer the most successful, healthy, and beautiful aquarium systems possible.

Aquarium Relocations

Due to Covid-19, many offices are moving their aqauriums out of the office and into the living room. We can help and most moves take less than 24 hours with a complimentary checkup.

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We are fish-heroes when it comes to the maintaining and care of your aquarium. We work with you to shedule regular maintenance visits (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). The benefits of having us maintain (free fish food) aren’t too bad either!

24-Hour Emergency Service

Aquarium emergies, although they are not the funnest to deal with, are a big priority.