Aquarium Maintenance

Servicing aquariums to ensure a healthy and beautiful environment.

Keeping your fish healthy and your aquarium looking great is what we do best!

Our goal is developing and maintaining a healthy living-space for your fish to grow and thrive. We work with our clients to establish a maintenance plan that fits their schedule. Some aquariums require monthly maintenance care, while others benefit from much more frequent attention.


Maintenance Frequency

We can service and maintain your aquarium twice weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Because of the sensitivity of a reef environment and how crucial proper Aquarium Maintenance is, we recommend a recurring Maintenance Program. We will visit your aquarium with a free Aquarium Consultation before we formally write up a quote.

Freshwater & Saltwater Aquariums

Aquarium Maintenance Plans

One-Time Cleaning

Includes the following:

  • Water change
  • Sand + gravel cleaning / replacement
  • Filter change
  • Suggestions
Best Price
Regular Maintenance

Includes the following:

  • Sand / Gravel Cleaning
  • Exterior Glass Cleaning
  • Water Testing + Correction
  • Partial Water Change
  • Filter Change/Cleaning
  • Visual Health Check: fish health, fish feeder, wire positioning, aquarium glass, hose positioning, water level.
Fully customized
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Saltwater vs. Freshwater

Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Learn more about how Advanced Aquascape can help keep your saltwater aquarium thriving.

Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance

Learn more about how Advanced Aquascape can help keep your freshwater aquarium thriving.