Aquarium Builds

Beautiful aquariums throughout Kern County.

1. Construction

Starting with the construction phase, we knock down walls, plan and build the surrounding area, reinforce the stand that will support your new aquarium, cabinetry design, and route add electrical outlets for your new filtration system.


2. building your aquarium

Advanced Aquascape can completely customize your aquarium to fit your needs. We can build an aquarium to any size, shape, and can even strengthen the overall durability of the tank if needed.

Custom Cabinetry

Providing custom cabinetry not only allows your new aquarium to flow seamlessly with your home, you can customize the look however you please. All our cabinetry is custom and can be blended into any existing cabinetry or home furnishings; or it can be a completely new creation based off your own ideas.

Beautiful access panels, stained wood, and beautiful moulding to give it the final touch. A custom cabinet allows for proper access for maintenance and feeding, plus maximum concealing of filtration, lighting, and equipment for sound dampening. Working with one team from start to finish eliminates any confusion throughout the design, fabrication, and installation process.

Aquarium Builds Gallery

What the community has to say about Advanced Aquascape.

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