Aquarium Relocations

Safely moving your aquarium from one location to another.

Aquarium moves and relocations

Advanced Aquascape can happily and safely relocate any fish aquarium and the fish life within the tank to a new destination. Safety is always a priority, and as such, we take great caution and care to ensure that your aquarium and fish/plant life are preserved.

It is important to reduce the stress of all livestock (fish, coral, inverts, etc) during a tank move, as an increase in stress will likely cause the livestock to die. Advanced Aquascape has the experience needed to break down, move, and completely setup back up your aquarium.

If you want to change up your aquascape when it is resetup, move some rocks and corals around, let us know! We want your tank to be just as beautiful as it was before the move, if not better.

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